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Foster Care in Placer County

The Placer County Board of Supervisors heard the impassioned pleas of several in the Foster care community when the board took up the topic of foster care funding in the County. Richard Knecht (Connect) the County’s Director of Children’s System of Care asked the board to approve a contract with Placer County Office of Education (PCOE) for mandated Independent Living Skills services for Placer County youth ages 15 to 21.

Unity Care Group had been providing services in the County and Program Manger Shane Libby says she was surprised the county was considering this sweeping change in services.

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Mr. Knecht, in his report to the board said that department staff, with the support of local court partners had spent the last year reviewing service gaps and evaluating delivery models and stated the proposed model for delivery through PCOE will significantly expand and enhance services in Placer County.  Libby defended the work of Unity Care refuting Mr. Knecht’s findings.

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Several representatives from the Foster Care community defending the work of Libby and Unity Care and ultimately the Supervisors chose to unanimously deny the request of Mr. Knecht to the elation of Libby and others.

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The proposed revenue agreement between the County and Placer County Office of Education was to be $6 million dollars. $2.2 million from the county and 3.75 million state match funds.

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