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Phone Scam Warning

In the latest telephone scam, callers are now identifying themselves as law enforcement officials and citizens are urged to be extra cautious when anyone calls them for money.

Recently, some local residents have received phones calls from someone claiming to be a Placer County sheriff’s official. They were told there was money owed to them and they were asked to wire money to release the funds. The caller then gives a phone number to call and verify that the caller is indeed a member of law enforcement. The number given should always be verified through other resources and do not take the caller’s word for it.

Detectives ask that you NEVER give money or information to anyone you don’t know over the phone. A law enforcement official would never call and ask you to wire money. If you ever question the legitimacy of a deputy or detective, please call our non-emergency line, (530) 886-5375, to verify if a deputy or detective works at PCSO.

As the weather heats up, so does crooks’ abilities to create clever scams. Always beware of any phone call or solicitor where the use of your funds or personal information are involved. When in doubt, verify.



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