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Auburn Gets Closer in Meeting State’s Homeless Shelter Zoning Requirements

The Auburn City Council meeting ran late Tuesday evening with lengthy public comment for and against the city’s consideration of homeless shelter zoning within the city limits of Auburn. At the last Council meeting staff was directed to contact the county to see if they could partner with a shelter plan. Community Development Director Will Wong says the county asked for a proposal.

 Auburn homeless 1

Taking another look at the city maps staff gave the council options to choose a single zone or a zone over-lay. The council decided on the over-lay option and identified 2 sites with several parcels.

                        Auburn homeless 2

The council also spent considerable time discussing the number of beds any potential shelter should have. Staff used the number of 30 but after concluding that Auburn’s population was roughly 4% of the County and using county numbers for the number of homeless in the county, the city concluded it would be responsible for roughly 11 homeless persons and revised the number down to 20. Wong says the process will continue with the contacting of property owners in the area.

The deadline for the city to comply with the state’s mandate under SB2 is October 31st. The Planning department hopes to have the overlay ready to present to council at their July 16th regular meeting.


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