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Beware of Construction-Type Scams

With spring comes home improvement projects and unlicensed contractors looking to scam residents. The Placer county Sheriff’s Office is asking Placer County residents to beware of construction-type scams, specifically driveway sealing and paving. There is a group presently in the area that is contacting home owners by soliciting door-to-door, and they are persistent.

They commonly have expensive equipment and drive nice vehicles with out-of-state plates. The out- of-area telephone numbers listed on the vehicles are not valid, and they do not possess a business or contractor’s license. No bid or contract is offered, and any agreement they make with you is verbal only, while requesting cash up front. Andrew Twidwell with ABT plumbing has some advice for homeowners looking to hire a contractor.

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Twidwell says the liability for a homeowner extends past the contractor if you are not careful.

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You can obtain more information on scams from the Contractors State License Board.

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