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A Look at Auburn’s First Performance Based Budget

The Auburn City Council met in special session Monday night for a preliminary report of the city’s first Performance Based Budget.

Auburn’s Administrative services Director Andy Heath gave the presentation to council regarding the estimates and expenditure appropriations as recommended by the City Manager Bob Richardson for the operations for all city funds for fiscal year 2013-14.

The report forecasts a 3% increase in year-over-year sales tax, based on increase in fuel prices, static demand, expansion of fuel base, and sustained retail sales, with a 2% projected increase in real property assessed valuation. City manager Bob Richardson say s the city is recovering from the recession faster than most.

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Some increase expenditures are expected with employee related costs, specifically Cal-Pers premiums expected to increase and capital and Community-based expenditures, but Richardson says the city is prepared.

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The proposed Operating Budget for the year shows $19.72 million in citywide expenditures. Just under $9 and a half million is estimated to come from the general fund with over $6 million coming from Enterprise funds, Special revenue funds making up nearly $4 million, Capital projects funds accounted for just under 4 hundred thousand and another $400 thousand coming from property tax revenue and tax trust funds.

The city expects to bring in $302 thousand dollars more then it spends which is dedicated to reserves unless current employee contract negotiations require increases in employee expenses or other unforeseen expenses.

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