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Auburn Appreciates its Volunteers

The city of Auburn is proud of its volunteers and the city council took time at the last council meeting to highlight some of the outstanding programs the city enjoys thanks to its volunteers. Auburn City manager Bob Richardson also notes the significant cost saving volunteers make possible for the city.

 Click to hear Mr. Richardson 

 A few of these projects for the coming year were recently discussed by the City Council and include:

The volunteers of the Economic Development Commission worked in Recruiting manufacturing businesses & a new hotel, developing a new athletic event (“Crazy Man”), advertising & promoting the new river float, and creating a new outdoor dinner theater event.

The Arts Commission Assisted with Art Walk, operating the “Arts in the Park” event, maintaining our community murals & developing new ones, creating a public arts catalog, and jurying two art contests.

The Endurance Capital Committee works in executing the Auburn Endurance Challenge, updating the Endurance website, developing Trail Etiquette signage, negotiating a trail usage process agreement with State Parks, and providing event support & merchandise marketing.

And the Technology Commission is working on Upgrading the City’s entire telecommunications system, providing “hot spot” technology, conducting a feasibility assessment for a new Emergency Operations Center, and modernizing the technology in the City Council Chambers.

Richardson reminds us that not all cities enjoy this privilege of corporation and volunteerism that makes Auburn a great city to live in.


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  1. Steve Galyardt Reply

    May 29, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    You need an updated picture of Mr. Richardson. I happen to know his hair has not been that color for many years……

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