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Making Movies an Economic Driver for County

Placer County has a rich history in the movie business but as Beverly Lewis, Film Office Director says it is a business and Placer County needs to know what Hollywood is looking for. That is why the county recently held a conference for government officials who may be involved in some aspect of a production company’s work in the county.

Lewis says it is more that showing off all the Placer County has with our canyons, rivers and lakes. Lewis makes sure the production companies are in compliance with codes.

Placer Movie Office

The conference highlighted the needs of production companies and the local economic benefit that is derived from this work. The California Film Commission estimates that, depending on the complexity of the shoot, a production company will spend between $100,000 and $250,000 a day.

Keynote presenter Amy Lemisch, Executive Director of the California Film Commission, pointed out the huge economic effect the film industry has on the state. “The film industry brings millions of tourists to California,” she said. “People do want to visit the places they see on TV and in the movies.”

Lewis conducts familiarization tours with film scouts who visit locales to acquaint them with potential options for upcoming shoots. Lewis says they are always on the look-out for great locations; in fact there are a couple things they are always looking for.

Placer Movie Office

If you think you have the perfect location let the office know by contacting the Placer County Movie Office.



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