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Placer County Adopts Balanced Budget

The Placer County Board of Supervisors Unanimously adopted the 20-13/14 proposed county budget at Tuesday morning’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting.  The $690 point 5 million dollar proposed budget is $39 point 7 million dollars lower than last year’s budget and is balanced.

The budget includes the phased opening of the new jail within the multi-year budget framework the board adopted and includes comprehensive infrastructure planning. Some of the cost drivers in the budget include an 11% increase in Cal-Pers retirement benefits and increased health insurance costs to the county as 42% of the budget goes to wages and benefits.

Supervisor Kirk Uhler commented prior to approval of the budget that the county has worked hard to keep a balanced budget.

            BOS Budget 1

Cal-Pers costs are also expected to increase. Some employee costs have come down including OPEB costs, these are benefits to retired county employees where the cost is down by 60 million from 196 million down to 135 million.

            BOS Budget 2

The board also approved in the single motion to adopt the proposed budgets for lightening districts, county service area zones and sewer maintenance districts governed by the board.

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