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NC Search and Rescue: Stay Put Until Help Arrives

The team was called out Sunday evening on June 2nd for a lost biker on the Hole in Ground trail above Soda Springs. This is the first search in several months. The biker was lost in the same area as 3 others last year. Unfortunately his cell phone went dead while he was talking to the Sheriff’s dispatch. Twenty-five searchers responded and searched the trails from Soda Springs and Cisco Grove using ATV’s. One K9 team searched the area where his cell phone was last used. The search went on all night and mutual aid was requested to continue the search the next morning. The subject did not stay where he made the cell phone call from and worked his way to an area above Kingvale where he spent the night. At first light he found his way back to his car and called to say he was ok. If the subject had stayed where he had called from, he would have been home before midnight. Thanks to all of our volunteers that responded.

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