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City Council Talks About Blue Bags

The Auburn City Council adopted the 2.03% cost of living adjustment as part of the Recology contract. Garbage rates in the city will increase a modest amount depending on usage for July first of this year through June 30 of next year.


During the public comment portion Auburn resident Michael Otten presented the well-known Blue Bag of Recycling and asked about the viability of the blue bag. Each of the council members including Brigitte Powers responded saying they believe in the educational component of the recycling effort.

Blue bags 1

The Placer County Grand Jury twice has encouraged the city to discontinue the use of the blue bags as all the city’s garbage goes to the MERF or Materials Recovery Facility and is separated, but as Powers points out, the blue bags still make a difference.

Blue bags 2

The Council met Monday night in council chambers on Lincoln Way in Auburn.


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