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Truckee Plane Crash Pilot Walks Away

The pilot walked away without any injuries from a Truckee crash but his plane was not so lucky.

On June 11, 2013, at approximately 1145 hours, a three blade single prop plane piloted by a 62 year old pilot, left John Wayne Airport with filed instrument plans to land in Truckee at the Truckee Airport. At approximately 1:25 pm, the pilot crashed approximately 40 feet off the runway into the brush. The plane suffered heavy damage, however the pilot walked away without injuries. The plane did briefly collide with a trailer housing a glider plane prior to crashing. FFA and NTSB were notified on scene. The plane is described as a Cirrus SR22T low wing single prop airplane. There were reports of gusty winds at the time of the crash. FFA and NTSB were notified on scene.


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