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APD Reminds Auburnites to Lock Doors

Auburn Police Department wants to encourage citizens to lock your doors after an arrest last week.

At 3:30 in the morning on Thursday the Auburn Police Department received a call about two people behaving in a suspicious manner in the area of Burlin Way and Perkins Way.  Auburn Police Sgt. Gary Hopping says Officer Stan Hamelin responded to the area and contacted a male and female walking in the area, 22 year old Mickey Hu and 18 year old Morgan Russo. 

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Officer James Dalton also responded to the area and assisted with the investigation.  During the contact the officers found Hu and Russo to be in possession of several stolen items.

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These items were identified as being stolen from vehicles in the area with three different victims.  Two of the victims were contacted and advised of the theft and the third victim was contacted later in the day.  Hu and Russo were subsequently arrested for Felony theft, possession of stolen property and Conspiracy.  They were booked into the Placer County Jail on these three charges, with a bail amount of $20,000.00 for Hu and $5000.00 for Russo.

At this time this investigation is ongoing and the Auburn Police Department requests anyone with information to please call and speak with an officer.

The Auburn Police Department recommends that you keep all valuable items in your locked and secured house and nothing valuable is kept in your car and that your car is locked and secured at all times.

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