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Auburn’s Greater Transparency in Bargaining

The City of Auburn adopted a resolution for greater transparency in bargaining with the various employee units within the city. Evidence of greater transparency can been seen on the city’s web site. On the home page you can read the Tentative Labor agreements with mid management, Auburn’s Sergeant’s association and LAFF local 4110 representing Auburn firefighters. City Manager Bob Richardson says there are signs of recovery in the economy and the city, although not back to pre recession levels is able to offer raises to city employees.

City raises 1

Richardson says the city is in a much stronger financial position today and that is why they are able to offer the raises of 4%. It’s not the 12% many employees gave up, but it is progress.

                        City raises 2

To read the tentative agreements between the city and the employee units go to the city’s web site at auburn dot ca dot gov.


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