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Release of State Prisoners

Newly elected California State Sheriffs’ Association President Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern issued a Statement on a Three-Judge Panel Order to Immediately Release Inmates throughout California.

The statement reads: The California State Sheriffs’ Association unalterably disagrees with the Three-Judge Panel court order issued today (Thursday June 20th)ordering the immediate release of prison inmates. “This order is unbelievably ill-advised and a tremendous threat to public safety,” said Sheriff Ahern.

“With the order to achieve 137.5% of design capacity in State’s prisons, this means releasing over 9,000 inmates to our streets. It is categorically unacceptable,” he further stated. “California Sheriffs have worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to implement public safety realignment.

“Over 30 Sheriffs are in counties with jail facilities under some kind of population cap, court-ordered or self-imposed. These facilities simply cannot absorb the wave of criminality that would come with an immediate release of such a large number of inmates, Ahern continued.”

“This order is not a solution – it is irretrievably harmful to public safety and the communities we serve. We strongly support Governor Brown’s request to stay this order and have the State’s appeal heard by the U. S. Supreme Court.”


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