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The Neff Fountain

The Auburn City council met with only 3 council members and no city manager Monday evening. The council made short work of the agenda, passing the interim spending plan for fiscal year 2013/14 on the consent agenda. Considerable time was dedicated to a motion to approve the dismantling and shipment of the Neff Fountain for shipment to a qualified restorer. Councilman Holmes provided some history, stating that the fountain was a gift to the city of Auburn in 1908 by former Lt. Gov. Jacob Neff. Michael Otten President of the Placer County Historical Society says Neff was involved in many Placer County interests.

Neff Fountain 1

Otten says they fountain also had a very practical as well as decorative use.

Neff Fountain 2

There was some discussion regarding Placer County assisting with funding of the rehabilitation of the fountain as the fountain was removed from the middle of the road prior to the construction of Auburn-Folsom road in the 70’s and moved to county property on the corner of the courthouse property. Councilmen Kirby felt it was important to acknowledge this fountain was a gift to the city of Auburn and should be kept in the city. Kirby also asked that the topic of the fountain be placed back on the agenda, for the full council to consider. The agenda item was modified to sate the council approved of the project and directed staff to look at rehabilitation options for the council to consider. The Auburn City Council met in council chambers at city Hall Monday evening on Lincoln way in Auburn.


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