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U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Defense of Marriage Act

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday with a 5 to 4 decision ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act, signed by President Bill Clinton 17-years ago, is an unconstitutional violation of the 5th amendment.

This was good news to Auburn resident Lisa Joseph Boch who led a parade of drums up Lincoln Way in Auburn Wednesday morning. Bosh took a moment to talk to KAHI’s Mary Jane Popp to share her thoughts on the Court’s ruling.

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Bosh explains this is just the repealing of the law as it stands there is more work to do.

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Gail Smith Nevada county Assistant Clerk Recorder said the office is waiting for the determination of the 9th circuit court to provide direction to the individual offices as to how to proceed.

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Smith says Nevada County will be ready when they get the word.

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Smith says it could be tomorrow or a month from now. Local offices are waiting with everyone else.


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