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Fire Departments Prepare for Busy Season

With Fire Danger Extremely high in spite of the recent rains, The Cal-Fire Air Attack Base above Grass Valley, became the meeting place for fire departments and Law Enforcement to meet to coordinate resources in case of a major wildfire in our region. Firefighters and first responders were briefed on protocol of various agencies.

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Lynn Tolomchoff Public Information Officer with Cal-Fire says this annual meeting of the agencies is important for public safety and the safety of the firefighters as well.

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California has a zero tolerance for the sale and use of illegal fireworks. Illegal fireworks include sky rockets, bottle rockets, roman candles, aerial shells, firecrackers and other types that explode, go into the air, or move on the ground in an uncontrollable manner. It is illegal to sell, transport, or use fireworks that do not carry the “Safe and Sane” seal, as well as possess or use any fireworks in a community where they are not permitted. If convicted, a violator could be fined up to $50,000 as well as sent to jail for up to one year. There are nearly 300 communities within California that allow “Safe and Sane” fireworks.

“Even with a temporary cool down and rain in parts of Northern California, our fire activity remains significantly higher than average,” said Chief Ken Pimlott, director of CAL FIRE. “With how dry conditions are, if fireworks are used illegally or in an unsafe manner, they can easily spark a fire or cause injuries; the consequences to our communities can be devastating.”

CAL FIRE is asking Californians to prepare for wildfires by taking these actions:

  • Check that fireworks are allowed in the area of use
  • Make sure the firework has the State Fire Marshal “Safe and Sane” seal
  • Purchase only from legitimate organizations authorized to sell
  • Have a bucket of water, sand or garden hose available at firing site
  • Read all instructions before use
  • Dispose of used fireworks in water
  • Never alter, modify or enhance fireworks
  • Make sure fireworks have proper clearance from flammable materials including dry grass and brush
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