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Suspected Horse Thief Arrested

A suspect has been arrested in the abuse, and death of a horse in El Dorado County. On January 30, 2013 the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office started an investigation regarding a horse that was stolen from the stables of High Heart Ranch. The horse was discovered that same day deceased in the nearby Jay Hawk Cemetery. The horse had died from injuries sustained while under the control of the individual who had stolen it. Following this incident, people from the Rescue community expressed their desire for an arrest to be made for the theft and death of the horse by posting reward flyers throughout Rescue and surrounding areas. The posting of those flyers and the tips they produced contributed to the  investigators efforts in solving this case. El Dorado County Lt Tim Becker Says a suspect Brian baker has been arrested.

Horse theft 1

Sheriff John D’Agostini would like to thank everyone who showed their support for High Heart Ranch and for the tips they provided in connection to both cases.

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