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Auburnites Asked to Donate Blood

The Auburn Blood Source office has put out a call to donors stating that Blood Source has been asked to send blood products to San Francisco to help the victims of the plane crash.  Blood Source always serves our local hospitals first but share with other areas when possible.  Leslie Botos with Blood Source says thanks to your donations local offices are able to help.

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If you have never donated before Botos wants you to know it’s quick and easy and you get a snack when you are done.

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The Boeing 777 plane crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, killing at least two people. At least 181 people were transported to area hospitals, 49 with serious injuries.

San Francisco General said early Sunday morning that the hospital had received 53 patients, including at least 26 children. KAHI News Director Mary West donated blood platelets on Wednesday you can see pictures of the process and more information on our KAHI facebook page.


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