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Tribute to Alex Ferreira

Civic leaders from across Placer County gathered Thursday (July 11) with family and friends of Alex Ferreira to pay tribute to a man who spent the better part of 50 years in service to the people of Placer County.

Ferreira, 87, of Lincoln, retired from the Placer County Water Agency Board of Directors on June 6 due to health reasons. He, his wife Bonnie, and several family members sat in the front row during the tribute.

The ceremony was hosted by the PCWA Board of Directors and attracted more than 80 people, including county supervisors, mayors, city council members, regional water leaders, friends and others.

Speakers talked of Ferreira’s character, leadership, good nature, and dedication during his 45 years in public office. Several said he had served as a mentor and role model for their own involvement in public service.

The PCWA Board of Directors on June 27 appointed former Lincoln mayor and city councilman Primo Santini to complete the remaining 18 months in Ferreira’s term as the District 2 representative on the governing board.


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