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Tuesday is National Night Out

Tuesday is National Night Out. Convoys of emergency vehicles will make their way from neighborhood to neighborhood to celebrate the evening that brings neighbors and their public safety partners together.

David Martinez is the Public Information Officer for the Auburn CHP Office and says they will be working with other law enforcement agencies in the Granite Bay area Tuesday evening.

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 Officer Martinez says it is important for the public and the officers to share in the annual event.

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For the past 3 years, Placer county Sheriff’s Office placed in the top 15 national night out events in the country just behind areas such as Los Angeles and Palm Beach Florida.

Tuesday (Tomorrow) from 6 to 9pm a parade of vehicles will be on the roadways from west Roseville to Auburn. Neighborhood watch groups are holding Barbeques, potlucks and ice cream socials while awaiting the line of lights and sirens.

Residents and deputies have a chance to visit while kids get to climb inside sheriff patrol cars, humvees, California highway patrol cruisers, AMR ambulances and fire engines from several agencies. sheriff’s k-9 teams will also come out and join the fun. national night out is designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness and generate support for, and participation in, neighborhood watch. the placer county sheriff’s office has hundreds of active neighborhood watch groups that serve as extra “eyes and ears” for law enforcement.


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