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A-Town Bikes Replaces Stolen Bike for Man with Cerebral Palsy

Duke Jay is the owner of A-Town Bikes on Lincoln Way in Auburn. Jay heard the story of a man named Troy Gellis who suffers with Cerebral Palsy and is deaf who had his adult tricycle stolen. An Auburn man named Levi Yano wanted to replace the stolen tricycle for Gellis until he found out the tricycle cost $600.  It just so happened that Jay had taken a tricylce in on trade.

A Town Bikes 2

Together, Yano and Jay delivered the tricycle to the Gellis home in North Highlands earlier this week. Jay says it is nothing any other bike shop in Auburn wouldn’t do.

            A Town Bikes 1

A Town Bikes along with the other bike shops in Auburn are working on a pump track for Auburn. Listen to KAHI for upcoming fundraisers for the effort.

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