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Folsom PD: Watch Out for Sliders at the Gas Pump

The Folsom Police Department wants to warn residents about another scam. This time thieves are sliding up to cars at gas stations and while you are distracted at the pump they are opening your passenger door and stealing anything in sight. Officer Andrew Bates says the first thing is don’t believe your valuables are safe just because you are standing next to your vehicle.

Folsom Sliders Scam 1

Officer Bates says prevention is the key as after the theft it is too late.

Folsom Sliders Scam 2

Prevention is the only defense. Officer Bates says be aware of your surroundings.

                Folsom Sliders Scam 3

The incidents of Sliders are being reported across the country but fortunately no cases have been reported in Placer, Nevada or El Dorado counties.


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