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A DC-10 Tanker is Dropping Retardant on the American Fire

This afternoon a DC-10 tanker is dropping retardant in the American Fire Deadwood Ridge area to aid ground crews with suppression activities. The area topography is conducive to this action and will allow a fast retardant application because one DC-10 drop is equal to that of six-to-eight smaller tankers.

The fire is not threatening the Foresthill community.

The American fire is burning in heavy fuels on very steep slopes. The heavy fuels are creating large amounts of smoke. The fire is located about 17 miles northeast of Foresthill in the Tahoe National Forest. Access to the fire is limited adding to the difficulty in fighting this fire. Firefighter safety is a concern.

Fire size is estimated at 1750 acres. The fire has burned across the North Fork Middle Fork American River and is burning both up and down the river drainage. The fire is being actively fought both directly and indirectly.

Multiple Forest Service and Cal Fire personnel are assigned to the fire. Currently 318 resources have been assigned including 18 crews, 16 engines, 4 helicopters, 5 dozers, 4 watertenders, and air tankers as available.

The Central Coast #7 Type II Incident Management Team has assumed managment of the fire.

Smoke is expected to affect Foresthill, Auburn, Nevada City, the Sacramento Valley, and other areas for several days.


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