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American Fire at 22,040 Acres and 67% Contained Saturday

Continued significant fire growth in DIV Z and DIV R (see map below) due to fire position and canyon alignment; Good progress in DIV A,DIV B,and DIV H.Due to unfavorable conditions, unable to continue burning operations in DIV R. The Incident is also supporting Initial Attack requests over the TFR footprint. A partial road closure of Mosquito Ridge Rd (Hwy 96)from the junction of Ralston Ridge Rd(Forest Rd 23)east to the junction of Forest Rd 96-052, west of French Meadows Reservoir for public and firefighter safety. Recreation opportunities remain open in French Meadows and surrounding recreational areas.

No appreciable fire activity in DIV A,DIV F,and DIV H. In DIV R, fire will continue to back into Cliff Canyon. Active surface fire spread found interior. In DIV T, surface has progressed into Cavanah Ridge where isolated single tree torching was witnessed. Within DIV Z, active surface fire continued to creep and smolder in the Grizzly Mine and Bear Trap Creek.

The south-west, west and north-west sides of the fire are in patrol status. Fire crews continued to improve and mop up interior of containment lines on the north and north-east sides of the fire. If conditions permit, crews will continue with back firing operations utilizing a low intensity burn to strengthen the containment line from the Mosquito Ridge Rd.The fire is established in Antoine, Manila and Screwauger Canyons and along the Barney Cavanah Ridge. These areas have no previous fire history and have not burned in more than 100 years. Consumption is in heavy fuels which are producing single and group tree torching with active smouldering and creeping in ground fuels. Crews have begun repairing areas damaged by firefighting activity. Due to increased containment excessive personnel are being released. Closure Update: Mosquito Ridge Rd (FSR 96) is closed from the junction of Ralston Ridge Rd (FSR 96-023) to the junction of the Duncan Diversion Dam access road (FSR 96-052), west of French Meadows Reservoir. Foresthill Rd is closed from Humbug Canyon Road (FSR88-066) to Robinson Flat Campground and Forest Rd 43 (Robinson Flat Rd) is closed from Robinson Flat Campground to Mosquito Ridge Rd.Robinson Flat Campground and Duncan Peak Lookout remain closed.French Meadow Reservoir and access to the Oxbow Middle Fork American Rafting Launch put in remain open.


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