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League of California Cities Takes Stand on Inmate Release

The League of California Cities announced its strong support for Gov. Jerry Brown’s request for a stay delaying implementation of the federal court order to release 10,000 additional inmates from California’s prisons. The stay would provide the state with the additional time required to appeal the panel’s decision to the United States Supreme Court.

The City of Auburn joined the League’s position joining the Governor, the California Police Chiefs Association, the California State Association of Counties and other groups in opposing the recent order by the judicial panel charged with oversight of California’s prison system. Councilmen Dr. Bill Kirby is the city of Auburn’s representative to the League and asked for the councils support.

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The Council unanimously supported the League’s position. Currently the estimated 40,000-plus offenders previously realigned to the county level are what are known as known as the non-violent, non-serious, non-sex offenders. Both Governor Brown and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation maintain that all inmates meeting this definition that can be purged from the state’s prison system have in fact been purged. The League urges the court to grant the Governor’s request in order to avoid the serious risk it poses to all Californians.



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