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American Fire Tops 26 Thousand Acres 94% Contained

Firefighters continue active and aggressive mop-up where it’s safe. The Incident continues to support initial attack requests within the TFR footprint and local forest area. A partial road closure of Mosquito Ridge Rd (Hwy 96)from the junction of the Ralston Rd. (Forest Rd 23), east to the junction of Forest Rd 96-052, west of French Meadows for public and firefighter safety. Good progress continues in Suppression Repair.

No appreciable Fire activity was witnessed over night. Active surface fire in the timber fuels was observed in with ongoing smoldering in understory fuels.

The south, west and north perimeters of the fire remain in patrol status. Crews have completed burning operations adjacent tothe Mosquito Ridge Road, along the eastern perimeter. Crews continue to transition into detecting and extinguishing any remaining hot spots.

With increased containment of the fire, crews have begun work repairing areas affected by fire fighting activities. This has included chipping material piled next to roads during fire line construction as well as identifying needs to construct water controldevices along fire lines throughout the fire area.

Forest visitors are asked to adhere to area and road closures. These closures are in place to protect visitors and fire fighters. The roads and areas that have been closed are unsafe due to fire-weakened, burned trees that pose a risk of falling, as well as frequently heavysmoke making visibility extremely poor. These areas and roads will be re-opened as soon as possible.

Update: Mosquito Ridge Rd (FSR 96) remains closed from the junction of Ralston Ridge Rd (FSR 96-023) to the junction of the Duncan Diversion Dam access road (FSR 96-052), west of French Meadows Reservoir. Foresthill Rd remains closed from Humbug Canyon Road (FSR88-066) to Robinson Flat Campground and Forest Rd 43 (Robinson FlatRd) remains closed from Robinson Flat Campground to Mosquito Ridge Rd. Robinson Flat Campground and Duncan Peak Lookout also remain closed. French Meadow Reservoir and access to the Oxbow Middle Fork American Rafting Launch put in remain open.

As of Wednesday morning the fire burned 26, 004 acres and is 94% Contained.

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