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American Fire 98% Contained

26,194 Acres burned and 98% Contained the American Fire near Foresthill is still burning in isolated pockets of fuels within the contained lines. Today, crews will continue aggressive “mop-up”, which consists of walking grid patterns inside the fire perimeter to detect and extinguish hot spots. Yesterday, this careful and methodical work resulted in several hot spots being detected within the fire’s perimeter. Additional areas of heat are expected to be observed as weather becomes warmer and drier. This on-going continued work is critical to ensuring the fire remains within established containment lines.

Repair of areas affected by fire fighting activities will continue for some time in the American Fire area. This includes chipping material piled next to roads during fire line construction as well as identifying needs to construct water control devices along fire lines throughout the fire area.

The Tahoe National Forest and the Incident Management Team appreciate visitors continuing to comply with area and road closures. These closures are in place to protect visitors and fire fighters. The roads and areas that have been closed are unsafe due to several factors including: fire-weakened, burned trees that pose a risk of falling; burning holes in the ground from tree roots and stumps; and heavy smoke making visibility extremely poor. These areas and roads will continue to be re-evaluated and will be re-opened as soon as possible.

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