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Congressman McClintock on Syria and Rim Fire

Congressman Tom McClintock is in Yosemite National Park surveying the damage from the Rim fire this week and took time to release a statement regarding the reports of potential military action against Syria. KAHI’s Mary West spoke to the congressman upon his return.

McClintock on Syria 1

The Congressman witnessed the firefighters in action on the Rim Fire and wanted to thank the firefighters and the local residents who are so grateful to the work the firefighters are doing.

McClintock on fire 1

The Congressman blames the environmental laws of the past 30 years for fires like the Rim Fire now the 7th largest fire in California history and The American fire nearly contained here in Placer County.

McClintock on fire 2

The Rim fire is now at 193 Thousand acres and 30% contained. The American fire is near full containment at has burned over 26 thousand acres.



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