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American Fire Reaches 100% Containment

27,440 acres burned in the steep canyons in old growth stands of timber with no recorded fire history.Significant changes in fuel types associated with the fire continue to burn in the steep and hazardous terrain as well as receptive timber fuels that have not burned in decades.Consumption of heavy fuels continues to create heavy smoke in the surrounding area.

Smoke will continue as stump holes smolder. Heavy mop up within the containment lines continues over the coming days.

crews will continue this aggressive “mop-up”, which consists of seeking out and destroying hot spots in the fire area. Although full containment of the fire has been reached, area residents and visitors should expect to see smoke from smoldering stumps and vegetation on the forest floor for some time. Firefighters working in the interior of the fire are paying close attention to hazards including burned trees above and burning tree stump holes and root systems on the ground.

Reconnaissance of the Swinging Bridge and a foot bridge on the Western States Trail yesterday found that both bridges were burned by the American Fire. Additional reconnaissance of areas in the interior of the fire will continue to occur as personnel are able to safely enter the area.

With the Labor Day Holiday weekend upon us, Forest visitors are urged to comply with area and road closures. These closures are in place to protect visitors and fire fighters. The closed roads and areas are unsafe due to several factors including: fire-weakened, burned trees that pose a risk of falling; burning holes in the ground from tree roots and stumps; and heavy smoke making visibility extremely poor. These areas and roads will continue to be re-evaluated and will be re-opened as soon as possible.

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