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Auburn Gas Station Site Cleared by Water Quality Board

It’s been 20 years since the underground fuel tanks were removed from the site of Phillips 66 station in Auburn. The California Regional Water Quality Control Board sent out a public notice to neighbors of the 1050 Lincoln Way property that is currently being used as a parking lot across from Hilda’s Bakery.

The site had a 7 thousand 500-gallon gasoline tank and 500-gallon waste oil tank.  The tanks with all the associated piping and dispensers were removed from the site in 1992.

Multiple soil and water samples were collected from 1991 to 2012 to evaluate and monitor any gasoline release and any potential impacts on human health and ground water.

The property owner asked that the regulatory closure of the site be closed based o the samples showing the site’s gasoline release levels to no longer be a threat. The Central Valley Water board Staff reviewed the request and after November 10th the Water Board intends to close the case.

The water board does request the public’s input. If there is anyone who has additional information regarding the property, they are encourages to contact the water board by calling 916-464-4817.


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