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PCWA Concerned Over PG&E Reorganization Plans

The Placer County Water Agency is expressing serious concerns over a Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) plan to reorganize operations of the PG&E Drum-Spaulding Project, which is a sole source of water for many Placer County residents.

PCWA Director of Resource Development Andy Fecko on Thursday (Sept. 5) briefed the agency Board of Directors on the PG&E proposal and its potential impacts on local water supplies.

            PCWA 1

Fecko said the last thing we need is for a third party that does not understand the responsibilities of water delivery to Placer County to take over PG&E’s lower Drum hydroelectric system. He hopes we keep it local.

            PCWA 2

PCWA’s concerns over the amendment application are addressed in comments to the federal government’s draft environmental impact statement on the Drum-Spaulding relicensing. PCWA’s comments, filed with the FERC on Aug. 22, ask for additional water supply protections.


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