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September 11th 2001 Remembered

It was 12-years ago that planes struck the towers in New York and planes crashed in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon. All over the country moments of silence, music concerts, and memorials are taking place to ensure that we never forget what it is to be an American and never forget the brave men and women who lost their lives to save lives that day.

Auburn City councilmen Mike Holmes reminds us of the dedication we had last year of a piece of metal gert4er that came from one of the twin towers that is now on display inside the Civic Center on Lincoln way in Auburn.

            Mike Holmes 9 11           

Auburn Police Chief John Ruffcorn remembers where he was when he got the call on 9-11.

           Ruffcorn on 9 11                  

Auburn Mayor Kevin Hanley will be speaking at Friday’s Cruise night and shared his talking points based on an iconic image from the days following the attack.

            Mayor Hanley 9 11       

Cruise Night is Friday from 5 to 9pm on Lincoln Way in Auburn. Mayor Hanley will be speaking at 7pm in front of the Promenade building.


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