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Flesh Eating Bacteria Cases on the Rise

Flesh eating bacteria cases are on the increase. Dr. Susan Ryan a Podiatrist at Sutter Auburn Faith explains what a flesh eating bacteria is and says the over use of Antibiotics over the last 10 years may be the reason cases are on the rise.

            Flesh eating bacteria 1

Where is it coming from and how do we prevent being infected?

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Early detection is the best defense.

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Dr. Ryan says the bacteria enters through open wounds and does not discriminate between the healthy or unhealthy, young or old.

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  1. kelly Reply

    September 12, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    what horse manure; blame the victims! That makes me very angry. Ignorant woman! This is from Synthia being sprayed everywhere to treat BP’s oil spill! Synthia, synthetic single cell life form, strips carbon atoms from every molecule it encounters, oil or flesh! The USCG sprayed BILLIONS OF BARRELS of it over the Gulf to treat BP’s spill and it is eating its way up through the aquifers to city water supplies!

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