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Auburn PD Chief Gets Special Recognition

Auburn Police Chief John Ruffcorn received a prestigious honor at Monday night’s (September 23rd) Auburn City Council meeting. The Commission on Police Officers Standards in Training (POST) awarded Chief Ruffcorn the Executive Certificate. Chief Ruffcorn is put in many hours to obtain this level of education and experience.

            Ruffcorn on Post Award 1            

The Chief says the occasion was made even more special as the President of POST awarded Chef Ruffcorn at Monday night’s city council meeting.

            Ruffcorn on Post Award 2

Chief Ruffcorn is still recovering from an injury he received Thursday chasing a parolee into the canyon last week. The chief suffered a wound to his knee when he hit a broken tree limb protruding into his path and the jagged limb cut a deep gash in the Chief’s knee requiring 18 stitches. The Chief was back to work Monday.



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