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AM 950 KAHI’s Dave Rosenthal Receives Mayor’s Commendation

It isn’t everyday that a local radio air personality gets a commendation from the mayor on a job well done. The rarity made the occasion even sweeter as Auburn Mayor Kevin Hanley presented a special commendation to long time KAHI Radio air personality Dave Rosenthal. Rosenthal and his wife Traja were invited to the podium Monday night to receive the acknowledgment complete with 7 where as clauses. Rosenthal said he would not attend for less than 5 such clauses, owing to a sense of humor that has entertained Auburnites for more than 16 years.

            Rosenthal 1

Rosenthal was very appreciative of the acknowledgment.

            Rosenthal 2

Auburn left the airwaves at AM 950 as the voice of the foothills to take a position with the State of California. There is a YouTube video of the event ob the Mary West YouTube Channel at this address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49bK_YzsStE&feature=share&list=UU0xP08B7kqe8rSqtWw3U50w.


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