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Armed Fugitive Causes Lockdown Of Colfax Schools Thursday

Around 5:00 pm yesterday, the whereabouts of an armed fugitive (from outside our area) was identified at a residence close to both Colfax Elementary School and Colfax High School. The suspect fled on foot in the direction of the high school. Law enforcement personnel were on the scene, including a police helicopter and School Resource Officer, Deputy Ryan Owens. At the time, we had a soccer game in progress as well as football and other athletic practices. Deputy Owens reacted very quickly and decisively in locking down the campus and guiding the students and coaches to shelter within the school.  Terry O’Keefe, a teacher and coach at CHS, was able to access the intercom system and provide information to those on campus. The suspect was apprehended quickly (before arriving on our campus) with no harm to anyone involved. The coaches and students did an excellent job of responding to instructions.  An incident like this drives home the importance of our emergency drills, plans, and procedures, which often seem silly to students.  Many of them who were present yesterday have expressed a new-found appreciation for these exercises.  Thank you.
Rick Spears

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