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Parks Forward Initiative Meeting Held in Auburn

California has 280 State Parks, 32 are operated by local or non-profit entities.

The State Park and Recreation Commission, in conjunction with the Parks Forward Initiative, held a public workshop in Auburn Thursday to get public input to gather new ideas on how to improve efficiency, create financial sustainability, and better leverage partnerships within California State Parks. The common theme of the speakers was the “New Park Customer” and how to appeal to more urban visitors and foreign travelers. The common theme of the audience was funding of our parks. Mile Oakey is a retired Senior Architect and national Certified Historic Interpreter and he discussed the effect of defunding our state parks.

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In Nevada County the South Yuba River State Park was defunded and is now operated by the South Yuba State Park Association. Director Doug Moon asked the commission to save the Park’s historic covered Bridge.

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The Parks forward Agency has committed to seeking new sources of state and federal funding for the implementation of the plan. You can learn more at parks forward dot com.


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