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Seniors First Budget Threatened by Feds

The non-profit senior services program, Placer County Seniors First, put out a News Release Monday stating they will have to suspend services, create or expand waiting lists for meals on Wheels, cut the number of meals delivered or days the service is available. The release says this is due to the Government Shutdown, Sequester and debt ceiling deadline. Seniors First Programs, which depend on the Federal government for a large portion of their funding, will experience a delay in reimbursements for meals and services delivered. Facing such funding uncertainty, Shay Cullen with Seniors First tells us what that means to Seniors in Placer County who depend on Meals on Wheels daily for a hot meal and a friendly face.

Seniors First MOW

 Their current budget will carry them through the month of October. Meals will stop being delivered as of November 1. Shay says they need to deliver 260 meals a day at $5 dollars a meal. If you would like to help bridge the funding gap and buy a meal for a senior you can call Seniors First at 530-889-9500.


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