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Please Help, Don’t Give Campaign

“Please help, don’t give” is the City of Auburn’s Campaign to deter the generous citizens of Auburn from giving money to panhandlers.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office has joined with the Auburn Police Dept. and many non-profit groups to encourage people to NOT give money to panhandlers, but instead give to the many non-profit groups who provide many services to the area’s homeless.

A video is being distributed on facebook and being shown at community service group meetings and anywhere people can be reached to get the message that giving cash to panhandlers is part of the problem not the solution. You can see the video featuring KAHI News Director Mary West as she takes you through the services available to the homeless throughout Placer County and the cost to the area when you give money to panhandlers that end up buying tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs. Please watch and don’t give to the panhandlers.


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