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ARD Meetings to Discuss Bike Park

4 local bicycle shops and their many fans of cycling in the area have been raising funds and support for a pump track in Auburn. A pump track is a series of twists, turns, bumps and undulations to make the course fun and challenging for cyclists of all ages. Auburn Area Parks and Recreation District (ARD) has already offered space for the track and a designer has been brought n board, funds are being raised and now meetings are scheduled regarding the proposed American River Canyon Overlook Park location. The bike shops are hoping you will come out and voice your support for the project. Daniel Tebbs is the Owner of Victory Velo bicycle shop in Auburn and he hopes his customers and the community at large see the value in a pump track in Auburn.

Pump Track 1

Your support is requested because many of the neighbors to the proposed location are concerned with noise and other issues affiliated with the skate park.

Pump Track 2

The ARD Committees that interested parties should attend are the Monday October 21st meeting at 4pm and the Wednesday and October 30th at 6:00 pm is the Full ARD Board Meeting where they are hoping for a large turn out of supporters.


The meetings will be held at the Canyon View Community Center at 471 Maidu Drive

in Auburn. The ARD Board meetings will continue the discussion, put forth by the residents of the Gold Run neighborhood, over concerns about noise, fire hazard and loud music that come from the existing Skate Park.

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