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Placer Reps Visit Bridge Day in WV

Placer County Representatives were in West Virginia over the weekend to check out Bridge Day, the annual event for Base Jumpers to jump from the bridge that is more than 100 feet taller than our own Foresthill Bridge. Scott Liske the Supervising Ranger for the Auburn State Recreation Area was one the of the Representatives who paid all his own expenses to attend the event in order to determine if a similar event would e feasible in Placer county.

            Bridge day 1

Liske says the County is in the early stages of proposing a similar event in the confluence of the American river using the Foresthill Bridge as the focus but the work will begin soon.

Bridge day 2

State parks along with the City of Auburn and the County of Placer and other agencies worked together on Adventure Auburn in Early September which was met with great enthusiasm by Base Jumpers from across the country and locals who enjoyed the event centered around activities in the confluence including Base Jumping from the Foresthill Bridge.


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