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Kovacich Case Under Review

The 2009 Janet Kovacich murder case is being reviewed by a Sacramento Magistrate.

Former Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Kovacich wrote the writ of Habeas Corpus to the federal magistrate from Soledad Prison where he has been since 2009 after being found guilty of murdering his wife Janet in 1982. Christine Craft, attorney and KGO talk show host in San Francisco and Private Detective Larry DeMates told KAHI radio’s Mary Jane Popp during the radio show Popp Off why, after investigating the murder case; they believe there is cause to reopen the case.

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DeMates says a convicted murder in Prison in Washington state confessed to the murder of a woman matching Janet’s description. He claimed to have dumped her body in Rollins lake, where a skull, through forensic testing was positively identified as being Janet’s, was discovered.  DeMates says the skull had more than a single hole, considered to be the cause of death.

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Craft encourages anyone with any additional information to go the web site www.Justiceforjanet.org. The writ is expected to be reviewed by the Magistrate in Sacramento by the end of November.

Paul Kovacich Jr.

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  1. Christine Craft Reply

    October 25, 2013 at 8:53 am

    It’s important to note that there were multiple sightings of a woman matching Janet Kovacich’s description, both in Auburn and Sacramento. The Auburn PD did not follow up on any of them. Additionally, the major investigator in the case, Jerry Johnson had never investigated any murders before he volunteered to go after Kovacich, a man he had already sued in a civil dispute. Mr. Johnson told witnesses who had given brief statements in 1982 to be sure to read all the AJ stories on the internet before giving new statements more than twenty years after the disappearance. Those witnesses obed Mr. Johnson and suddenly had these huge, lengthy “memories” of things they supposedly observed. They gave affidavits describing how Mr. Johnson had instructed them to prepare their statements. Wrap your lips around two words: witness tampering, and that’s just for starters.

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