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Vacancy on the Fish and Game Commission

Placer County is accepting applications from Fifth District community members interested in filling vacancies on three advisory bodies: the Fish and Game Commission, Foresthill Forum and Weimar-Applegate-Colfax Municipal Advisory Council.

Each advisory body has one vacancy

The vacancy on the Fish and Game Commission is for a Foresthill representative. The seven-member commission advises the Board of Supervisors on issues that affect fish and wildlife in Placer County. It coordinates efforts involving habitat improvements, public awareness and natural resource education.

The County is particularly interested in receiving applications from Foresthill community members who are passionate about fish and wildlife and willing to actively seek out issues of interest and importance to the Board of Supervisors.  In recent years, the Commission has dealt with issues such as the proposed Garden Bar Dam, suction dredge mining regulations and state legislation that deals with fish and wildlife issues.

Members of MACs must reside, own property, or own or manage businesses within the MAC boundaries.

For application forms, call the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Office at 530-889-4020.


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