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Auburn’s Homeless Shelter Zoning

The Auburn City Council spent much of their 4 hour meeting Monday night on the approval of a location to zone for a homeless shelter to comply with a state mandate.

The agenda items included the Approval of an Ordinance to establish the Homeless Shelter zone district, the 2nd was to rezone 9 lots generally located west of Auburn Ravine Road north of Elm Avenue, from a Regional Commercial to a Regional Commercial Emergency Shelter zone. Mayor Kevin Hanely says this choice impacted fewer property owners.

            Hanley on Shelter zoning 1

There was a lengthy public comment period with the common concern of residential property owners about their home values, businesses concerned about continued problems with transients around their properties and the concern of parents of young children at schools and parks in proximity to a homeless shelter. Mayor Hanley said the property owners in the area would be able to address those concerns.

            Hanley on Shelter zoning 2

The Auburn city council met in council chambers Monday evening in the Civic Center at 1225 Lincoln way in Auburn. The November 11th City council meeting was cancelled for the Veteran’s Day Holiday.


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