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Auburn Continues Regional Sewer Talks

The Auburn City council received an update regarding the regional sewer system built in the city of Lincoln and serving much of Placer County. The County has asked the city to buy-in to the sewer by purchasing capacity with the infrastructure of a pipe and related pumps to send city of Auburn effluent to Lincoln. The Council did direct staff on a 3 to 2 vote to keep negotiations open with the county and the city of Lincoln to participate at a future date. Mayor Hanley was one of the dissenting votes along with Councilman Keith Nesbitt but understands the council’s decision to move forward.

            Regional sewer

The mayor likened the Auburn treatment plant to an old Chevy, it runs well so why buy a seat in another unknown car that you don’t know the price of. Mayor Hanley pointed out and staff concurred that the Auburn System is award winning and is in compliance and also noted that the city is built out and will not need additional capacity as areas of the county is anticipating. Councilman Nesbitt saw the potential of selling capacity on the pipe even if the City did not need the regional sewer.


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