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Angry Customer Gets Response from APD

An angry customer got a response from Auburn Police with guns drawn and the closure of Lincoln Way around the Wave Broadband  Business until the all clear was given.

The unnamed customer went into the store on Lincoln Way Friday morning with a billing dispute. The Auburn Office of Wave called their Rocklin store to help clear up the matter. Detective Sgt. Dale Hutchins says the phone call between the 2 stores ended and the Rocklin Office call the Police Department. 

Angry Customer 1

Units responded from the Police office just a few buildings away and closed down the street as a precaution.

            Angry Customer 2

The Det. Sgt says officers determined no laws were broken, and the street was reopened. No word on whether the customer’s issue was remedied.


2 Responses to Angry Customer Gets Response from APD

  1. Cindy Reply

    November 3, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    I have a huge dispute with them also as the bill was raised so much. I called suddenLink and they will be out this week. Been with Wave since they started here in North uburn but now I have had it. Same services for 100.00 bucks less a month with suddenlink. 215. a month now is just plain ridiculous

  2. Noelle Reply

    November 3, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    I have a problem with the way the police conducted what they are calling the “shutdown” of the street. I witnessed the whole police activity. They pulled onto Almond St., pulled out a tazer and rifle,
    then just waved off traffic. Where was their backup? There was no one helping to direct traffic. People had no idea what they were happening on until they saw officers, weapons drawn. Usually, if there is even a Bum passed out on the bench we have at least four cars responding. Where was everybody the other day?

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