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2 Year Anniversary of AB109

The Placer County Board of Supervisors acknowledged the 2nd anniversary of AB 109 the State Realignment of prisoners to County jails at Tuesday morning’s meeting. Representatives from Law Enforcement, adult system of care and probation reported the successes and challenges of managing larger populations of repeat offenders into our jail and through the system and back into society. Lori Bowman with the County’s Adult System of Care services gave a positive report of the county’s managing of this new population.

AB 109 A

Bowman recognizes the need to continue to manage these prisoners and is confident the county will continue the success of the past 2 years.

            AB 109 B

In November 2012, California voters approved Governor Brown’s Proposition 30 which created a constitutional amendment that protected ongoing funding to the counties for Realignment. The amendment prohibits the Legislature from reducing or removing funding to the counties.

Placer BOS

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