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Western States Trail Following American Fire

The area around Foresthill is still recovering from the devastating American fire that burned more than 27 thousand acres and was contained on August 28th of this year. The fire burned some 10 miles of the Western States Trail. The trail is home to the annual 100 mile Endurance run and the Tevis Cup 100 mile equestrian race.

The Western States trail is closed between Last Chance and Devil’s Thumb as a result of the American Fire. On Sunday US Forest Service personnel along with experienced trail crew members took a look and started the work of rebuilding the trail. Chuck Mather is on the Western States Trail board. He was there on Sunday and  describes what he saw.

            Western States Trail 1

Mather says there is a lot of work to be done but believes both races will cover much of the same course.

            Western States Trail 2

Next week there will be an inspection of Swinging Bridge to determine if it can be repaired. The entire fire area, including all roads and trails is closed until May 1, 2014.

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