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Volunteers Needed for Nevada City Cold Weather Shelter

The non-profit homeless advocate group Sierra Roots has asked the City of Nevada City to use the Veteran’s Hall as a Cold Weather Shelter this winter when it gets down to freezing with snow or rain. Nevada City Resident and advocate for he homeless Reinette Senum says the challenge is the need for volunteers – at least twelve of them – who will stay with the folks overnight from 8:00 until 7:30 in the morning as monitors.

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They want twelve so they can rotate nights with three a night so no one needs to be there every night open. Senum says they are also asking volunteers live in Nevada City or very close so that there won’t be a problem getting to the Veteran’s Hall should it be very snowy or treacherous.

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Sierra roots won’t be able to use the Veteran’s Hall unless we have these committed volunteers. When we have people signed up to do this, we will train them as to what the duties will be, what the rules will be, and how to handle any difficult situations. For more information you can email Janice O’Brien at jimjan1566@gmail.com.

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